Philips Infraphil KL7500 heat lamp
Philips Infraphil KL7500 word mark and logo
Philips Infraphil KL7500 clamping ring
From 1946 on, Philips developed and
manufactured several dozens of blown
glass infrared incandescent light bulbs
and -armatures for medical and domestic
applications world-wide. In 1960 the
Philips Infraphil KL7500 heat lamp was
introduced, a charataristic conical
shaped aluminium armature, fitted with a
pressed glass infrared lamp with an
integrated Fresnel lens.
The Philips Infraphil KL7500 heat lamp represented the basic design for the 1960s an
1970s. The total weight of the lamp and the heavy duty armature made of cast
aluminium was more than 1.5 kilogram. The lamp was fixed with a clamping ring that
fitted in a groove in the front of the armature. The word mark Philips was integrated in
the grip while a foil with the Philips logo was
adhered on top of the armature. Based on this
successful model several similar models would be
introduced in the succeeding decades.